FMS 2.0 Beta 7: Windows XP: Error message "Error while getting proc address for flat thunks"

This is, because on XP you have set the option " as Windows 9x..." for the FMS. This way Windows XP tells the FMS, that it is a Windows 95/98/Me compatible system, what is wrong. When the FMS tries to loads the 16-bit interface driver, it fails.

Solution: Remove this option " as Windows 9x..." for the FMS.

FMS 2.0 Beta 7: Win 2000/XP: How can I use my own radio with FMS?

Because there is no device-driver for the simple interfaces (PPM-Paralellport- and PPM-Serialport-Interface) they can not be used on Win 2k/XP. That's why also the dialog-boxes to configure them inside FMS are locked. To use your own radio with FMS there are these possibilties:

- PIC-Interface: This interface converts the PPM-signal into standard RS232, which can be read also on Win 2k/XP systems without any special drivers. The FMS supports PIC interfaces with the version 2.0 Beta 7.
- PPM-Joystick-Interface: These are often ruther complicate to build, but convert your radio into a real joystick. Win 2k/XP supports joysticks, and also the FMS can use all joysticks, that are installed on Windows.

FMS 2.0 Beta 7: How can I fix the wrong mapped textures, when I load Beta 6 models?

Open the texture file (modellname.bmp) with some painting software (for example Paint) and flip the image verticaly. Then save the file under the same filename.

FMS 2.0 Beta 7 won't install.

If the FMS installation displays this message: "There is already another version of FMS installed on this system. Please uninstall it first.", but you have uninstalled all old versions of the FMS you can do the following:

- Run RegEdit to edit your Windows registry
- Browse to the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Flying-Model-Simulator"
- Delete the whole folder "Flying-Model-Simulator" from the registry
- Try to install the FMS once more

For some models/landscapes there is no preview in the open-dialog, why this?

The preview is a new feature of the FMS 2.0 Beta 7, that needs an additional file for every model/landscape. This file may be missing with models that where created for FMS 2.0 beta 6. To add a preview file you have to do the following:

- Make a screenshot or get a picture of your model/landscape
- Resize it to 200x200 pixels
- Save it as JPEG with this filename: "modelname_prv.jpg", where "modelname" is the filename (without extension) of the model/landscape.
- Copy the *_prv.jpg file to the other files of the model

Where can I purchase a ready-built interface for the FMS? I don't wan't (or know) to build one myself.

On the links-page of this site you can find a section that is called "Commercial Radio-Interfaces", where I have listed the places I know. All the interfaces listed there should theoretically work with the FMS, but I have not tested them. For details about the interfaces please contact the manufacturers

Where can I find the compiler "AF2FMS.exe"?

The compiler "AF2FMS.exe" is inlcuded with the DOS version FMS 1.61 German, because it's only needed for the DOS version. The win-version is able to load the geometry of Aerofly-models directly, without compiling them befor. To use the design of an Aerofly-model with FMS, you have to add a *.par file for the flight caracteristics to the model. You can do this by manually editing such a file in a text editor, or by copying one from a similar model.

FMS 2.0 Beta 6: "Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 00448F8C in Modul FMS.Exe, Lesen von Adresse FFFFFFFF."

Delete the files "Init.dat" and "FMS.ini" from the FMS directory.

FMS 2.0 Beta 6: Win 2000: No option in the menu to use the transmitter.

At the moment we haven't got any drivers for win 2000. That's why the fms can't evaluate the signals from your transmitter. To avoid unexpected effects that would occur when loading the 16-bit dll on win 2000, the fms hides the option from the menu.

FMS 2.0 Beta: The 3D graphics has errors or a low frame rate.

If you have problems with the graphics in FMS 2.0 Beta, the reason is most certainly not the fms, but your graphics-card (no, or bad 3d acceleration), graphics-driver, or the combination of both. For the FMS you should hav allways the newest DirectX drivers from Microsoft (Download: Sometimes also the installation of the newest graphics card driver can solve the problem.

Where can I find the file "Inttest.exe"?

The interface-testing-program "Inttest.exe" commes with the FMS DOS version 1.61 German.

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