Help Flashing screen

Postby smcxx66 » Sun Oct 21, 2007 7:17 pm

I actaully somewhat sovled the flashing screen on nvida driver, vista,
FMS combo.

What you do is increase the images .bmp files in the scnerise to 2048x2048. Then click the window...big window or little window.
This will increase a photolistic scenery to 80 mb..pretty close to
how the G3 scneries files size are.

My laptop however only has a Ge go 6150 which only have 128 mb gpu
and not really gear up for gaming. The screen rate is slow and the
vedio breaks up. if you have a more powerful driver that might
solve it. maybe something with 256 or greater.

Bascailly this perticular laptop or driver is not gear for gaming and it has
slow frame rate with other graphic intense stuff also. Runing Vista
as an OS dosn't help becuase Vista is a memory hog to begin with

I have problems with XP home edition. For some reason I get an
error and it won't let me load the 2.8 version but the 2.7 version
is not a problem.

I also have an older laptop with XP PRO on it. FMS 2.8 runs perfect on that. No clictch of any kind. I'm not sure exactly what graphic cards it
has on it, but i can set the .bmp files at 1024x1024 and it runs
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Postby The Ben » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:48 pm

Hi Guys

I'm just as new here. Have got the same problems; flickering screen, Vista and a NVIDIA GeForce 7400 number. At least I'm one of many now.
Unfortunately my knowledge of computers is scary at best, so I can't even contribute. Hopefully one of you-guys will be able to save me eventually... :? I'll be in the cheering-section in the mean time!! :lol:
The Ben
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Postby zonnewoud » Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:49 pm


Problem Flashing Screen dissolve.

I have the same problem with FMS as your.

1. My solution was:
Take map Model and Landscape from FMS program files and safe this on your PC.

2. Uninstal FMS 2.0 alpha 8.5

3. Download one New FMS 2.0 alpha 8.5 on your PC.

4. Delete the map Model and Landscape from the New FMS program files.
Move the old map from the Model and Landscape to the New FMS program files.

For my the solution for the Flashing Screen.

My PC is old, pentium 4 with NVIDIA Geforce 6610 XL 128 MB.

greet: Zonnewoud :D
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Flashing Screen !!!

Postby zonnewoud » Sat Nov 17, 2007 2:52 pm


Excuse me for the bad Engels

Greet: Zonnewoud.
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Postby smcxx66 » Sat Nov 17, 2007 7:28 pm

thanks for sharing you information.

I don't doupt that you resovle it

but can you help me with this.
or give me a walk through of exactly what you did.
what am I doing wrong ?

I dragged the landscape and model folder out of fms.

un installed the old fms then install the new FMS.

delete the lanscape and model folder in the new fms
and dragged the old folders back in.

it's still card is the go 6150 with amd turion64

what do you mean by map ?

thank you.
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Flashing Screen !!!

Postby zonnewoud » Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:43 am


Map = Folder.

my adjustment for FMS.

yes- Smoot Textures
yes- Textures

Color 16 bit

yes- Wait for vertical blank
yes- Flip back buffer

yes- Mipmapping

yes- Tru alpha

Window 1280 x 1024 Color 32 bit

yes- Fixed camera

I used o.a scen: Bad-Oldesloe.scn 54mb. from Frank Tischler (Treehugger)

with no more problems.

Greet zonnewoud :idea:
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Postby smcxx66 » Sun Nov 18, 2007 8:52 pm

Nope..I think it's my driver.

I have the GO 6150. this drivers has other issues with
playing dvd..not really noticeable at first but you'll see
flicking after a while.
and there's some type of a clitch with the sound card
when playing mp3 or window midia.

nvidia for some stupid reason hasn't up date drivers
for the GO series drivers. it's not just an FMS issue.
other peaple have problems with this perticular PC set up
just like mine with other software.
You have to look closely...the GO is not the same as the regular
6150 for tower/desk top drivers.

bascailly nvidia update drivers for towers PC but not for the laptops.
and there's a bunch of GO seriers owners that's not too

I got it to stop flashing by forcing updated drivers not for the GO
series. a while back.
i'm not exactly sure what happened in that process. it's either becuase
I uninstall nvida and was just running vista.
i know it's posisble becuase i had it running for a couple if days
without anytype of flashing. i was going to back track myself
to see exactly what I did..and pass it on

but my pc crashed..not sure if the driver i was using fried my
mother board. So I'm not going to install those other drivers
becase my PC mfg pertty much had to install a new mother board
and my

Just like someone mentioned about not being able to just
replace Vista with can't do that with certain motherboards
if it comes with Vista..your stuck with Vista. it's the way certain
microchips has go get formated, once format a certain way..that's it.

I can't even go to Prefight on this PC, no flashing but the frame rates
or it sticks sometimes. i can convert sceneries easiely but lack
of models :(

the lastest Clrearview..i can convert sceneries and models to Clearview,
No flashing..but I get the no skins on the

it's wicked...i ran FMS in intel III with only a 3dx voodoo
no problems
but it crashed becasue it was just so old (battery)
plus the intel III fried the motherboard designed for intel
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Postby steven s » Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:59 pm

smcxx66 wrote:trun off the texture and you 'll get no flashing and no

Unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem with photo panorama backgrounds. FMS ran okay (albeit slowly) on my 9 year-old Win98 machine. I just bought a new HP with Vista and a NVidia 8500 GT and I'm getting the flickering problem.

If I can get a copy of XP cheap, I may try your idea. Otherwise I may just upgrade to the Phoenix flight sim right away, which I was hoping to avoid for a while due to cost.

ETA: I've never used Virtual PC before. Does it affect performance much?

Steve S.
steven s
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Postby steven s » Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:05 am

I just thought of something. If the problem is being caused by Nvidia cards, would using the Virtual PC solve anything? Does anyone here use an Nvidia card with either Win2000 or Win XP? And if so, do you have the flashing problem?

Steve S.
steven s
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Postby smcxx66 » Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:55 pm

yes virtual PC solves it.

you can run Virtaul even in Vista home..i tried it.

The only problem i had with it was the XP Pro i have
dosen't recognize USB ports. it's an XP issue
not FMS.

But yeah give it a shot.

i ran FMS with only intel III with only 3dx voodoo.
got that PC for $100 used
no problem as far as the software gose. No cliches
of any kind. 256 of ram
it was just the motherboard and intel III combo.
the upgrade micro processor eventaully fried the board
or the back battery went out becuase the MB was just old.

went out and go a new PC thinking woo hoo biger and faster..
then the darn Vista bug a boo thing...
There's all kinds of sofeware the vista can't run..and MS
don't care.

I can run it on a laptop with only problems
i don't belive it has
Nvidia in it. notice..nvidia hasn't up graded the driver GO series cards
bascailly for laptops.

I'm getting those error on my Dell tower 2.8 is okay
but 2.7 is's still confusing for me . i know people
solved that issue..but it dosn't makesence to me or it's not
clear to me how they did it..i need more especific

i just use my other laptop

maybe you can tried can transfer the other photo
scene into clearview easily.
Transfer FMS model into clearview also. only $40
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Postby smcxx66 » Fri Dec 07, 2007 10:18 pm

in the skybox .scn formate

try this...change one of the .bmp texture file to a different size.

i changed the bottom panel to 512x512. ..becuase you don't
see this panel most of the time..depending on how you
set up the pilot posistioning.
Or you can go bigger to 2048x2048..

Just as long as one of them is not the same size.

turn off the mipmapping in the graphic option in FMS.

after it'll see the flashing, but just click on
the window tab thing...(upper right hand)
not the minimize, but right next to it.
Bring back into full screen not small window.

the flashing gose away but mine sticks or has slow frame rate
becuase I belive my driver is not fast enough...i belive your's is.

that's why it's wickage..why would changing the pixal size
stop the flashing ????

I'm wondering that's why Treehugger's sceneries flashing gose
away becuase of this also becuase those types of scene formate
has different size texture .bmp files

and I'm wonder if it's the useage of .bmp types flies for images
that's cuasing the flickering.
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Postby spidi1 » Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:48 am

hi there ppl i have a nvidia geforce go 6100 and im another victim of the nvidia-fms problem is there a quick & simple way to sort this?
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Flashing screen.

Postby LPGHemi » Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:25 pm


I too have an issue with FMS not displaying graphics correctly.
If I allow textures in the graphics options, all the background flickers white with sometimes horizontal bars flickering, which display detailed views of what the background should really be displayed like.
I'm lucky in having a somewhat state of the art PC, running dual core Pentium e6750 2.66 ghz processors with 3 gb base memory Vista Home Premium 32 bit with the new service pack 1 installed and NVIDIA Geforce 8600GT with 256Mb memory.
I have twin sata 300gb hard disks and I really don't know what else to throw hardware wise at this problem.
The resources I have far outweigh what would be required to run this game correctly from a hardware point of view.
I'm not bragging about my PC here, rather giving as much information as possible to aid debugging etc.
I have downloaded all the latest Vista NVIDIA and directX drivers and tried all combinations of 16 bit and 32 bit, and display resolutions etc.
All to no avail.
It really is a driver problem and needs to be resolved.
Anyone working on this???

HELP ?????
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Postby LPGHemi » Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:48 am

Bump ????
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