Recovered 157 Schinichiro Nishiya models

Recovered 157 Schinichiro Nishiya models

Postby ggunners » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:15 pm

One other great source of models over the years was Schinichiro Nishiya.

I remember seeing several HANGER1, HANGER2 etc on his web site and was
deeply saddened when it disappeared. You can find his models on the
Schinichiro Nishiya web page.

If you borrow any 3D model parts or full airplanes from Yoshio Nakakita
metasequoia .mqo .x or other files, please be sure and give him credit
for his amazing work.

-- ggunners

Don't forget the other places we have FMS models too.

157 Schinichiro Nishiya Models
120 Yoshio Nakakita Models
145 Pierre Gentil Models
126 Georg Gerdes Models
579 alpha 8 Models on
77 Gary Gunnerson models
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