Freeware Flight Simulations
Flight Gear by the Flight Gear project (UNIX / Windows)
Vertigo Flight Simulator by Anton Norup Sørensen (DOS)
YSFLIGHT 2000 by Soji Yamakawa (Windows)

Freeware RC Flight Simulations
Radio Control Flight Simulator by Manuel Guillén González (Windows)
FlyRC by Ron Carr (DOS)
Glider3D by Jack, Trand Quadbyte (Windows OpenGL)
JHERI 3D RC HERI by Koji Yamamoto (Java)
JVRRC 3D RC by Koji Yamamoto (Java)

Models, docs and curcuits for the FMS
RC-Sim Forum, reports and add-ons for FMS, Reflex and Aerofly
R/C Page of Eric Brouwer PPM to PC Interface, Models, Landscapes, Docs
Victor55canada A heli model for FMS
Eric Scholten FMS - the wonderful FREE RC Model Flight Simulator
Luftsportclub CONDOR e.V. FMS-Models
Aerofly en France Models, Forum, French Manual (Manuel Franšais)
RC Helicopters Transmitter Interface for FMS
the Mosquito Moth Laboratory Model data files for FMS
RC airplane experiment studio page for FMS FMS related part of Yosito Sekiai's homepage in English
FMS WINGS (Japanese) Models for the FMS
Shinichiro Nishiya MetasequoiaLE HowTo, Planes, Parts All about Pibros and some curcuits for interfaces
Flying Baer Models and tools for the FMS
Cord's R/C Model Electronics Home page R/C Receiver <-> Joystick Port Interface for Flight Simulators
FMSstore Models for the FMS and a Metasequoia workshop
Models for FMS Some nice models and landscapes to download Models and workshops for the FMS
Gary Gunnerson's FMS Models Models and tools for the FMS
Homepage Nest of Dragons Models for the FMS
The Users Models Models and resources for the FMS
Dietmar's Modellbauseite Models for the FMS
FMS Models Models for the FMS
SmartPropoPlus R/C transmitter to sound card interface

Libraries used with FMS 2.0
DelphiX DirectX Components for Borland Delphi
ColDet Free 3D Collision Detection Library
ComPort Library Library for serial communication

Commercial Radio-Interfaces/Radio-Joysticks
Plantraco Micro R/C Lightweight R/C Components, FMS computer input device
Der Modellpilot Serial IRQ Interface and Joystick-Interface
RC-Electronics Joystick interface
Hillcraft cc RC-PC Joystick interface
RC2PC Kit for a joystick interface
Computer-Designs R/C-Trainer Interface
RC Flight Simulator And Accessories Serial and parallel interfaces
Ripmax Ripmax RC Joystick Interface Serial Interface for the FMS
Virtual R/C Flight parallel interface for the FMS
Heilsoft Parallel interface for the FMS/FlyRC
SimBlaster R/C transmitter to PC interface (Gameport)
Logitech They have a radio-like gampad: Logitech WingMan RumblePad
AD-Teknik AB FMS-Interface Cable
Clonepac Serial PPM and PIC-interface for the FMS
Matt Clement's FMS Interface
Custom Electronics Serial interface and other projects
TTi Tom's RC Simulator Home Page RC interfaces, docs and tools

Sources for electronic components
Conrad Electronic Plugs, components etc.
MCM Electronic Plugs (part# 27-1760 is male type for futaba), components etc.
Jameco Electronic Plugs (part# 15886 is male type for futaba), components etc.
Reichelt Electronik Components, plugs, PC
RS Components Components, electronics accessories, ...
Maplin Electronics Components and Cables, Computer Hardware, Radio Communication

Freeware Tools and Models for the Aerofly
Rainers Aerofly Homepage Editor for Models in the Aerofly-format

Freeware Operating-System
The FreeDOS Project A free DOS compatible Operating-System

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